Private Songwriting & Live Performance Lessons

Can you already play guitar, but are not sure what to do next? Do you dream of taking the stage, singing your own songs or your favorite artist’s biggest hits? Now you can, with some hard work and lots of fun.

Course Outline:

We will focus on song structure, dynamics, lyrics, chords & arrangement.
You will be responsible for keeping a weekly practice schedule, working on the song ideas & parts that we cover on each lesson.

You will need a USB key, minimum 2GB in size.

Cover Songs:

Not sure where to start on your own songs? Studying cover songs can teach you a lot. The ideas that we develop in this course can be applied to your original songs.


You should have at least three song ideas that include partial lyrics & chords as a starting point. If you don’t have this yet, but it is one of your goals, then we can work on cover tunes to get started.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Lessons are $65/hr, to be purchased in sets of four lessons ($260+GST=$273.00).
  • This is a goal-oriented course, and we will set milestones and deadlines for you to achieve. If you don’t practice or write during the week, it is even more important that you don’t miss a session.
  • All lessons have to be completed within a year of purchase.
  • 24hrs notice cancellation charge.